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Steve Munsey

Pastor Steve Munsey is currently the senior pastor at Family Christian Center, a church founded by Bishop Frank and Ruth Munsey over 60 years ago. Known for his innovative style in creating large-scale illustrated sermons, Steve has made the church into one of the fastest growing in the United States, counting over 15,000 members with more joining every day.


Illustrated Sermons

With pastors for parents, Steve heard his calling from a very young age. He understood the need to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to adhere to its teachings, but when he went to Sunday School, he felt that the classes did not do justice to the Bible. Specifically, he felt that classes and services should not have to be an endurance contest in terms of who would lose interest first, but should be as spectacular and moving as the stories and lessons in the Bible are themselves.


At around the age of twelve, Steve began volunteering in the FCC’s children’s ministry, whose services and classes were separate from the main service led by Frank Munsey. With the goal of delivering the Bible’s messages while still keeping the kids’ attention, Steve would comb through the janitors’ closet looking for props to help him adequately retell the Bible’s stories.


Once Steve completed his studies at Valparaiso University, he traveled the country for ten years, developing full-scale productions, full-scale sermons, and writing world-renowned plays like Jesus of Nazareth. He has since put on illustrated sermons for which he himself has built the tabernacle, the ark of the covenant, a 50-foot cross mountain, and has dressed up as various characters from the Bible, recreating these holy stories as like never before with a technique known as StoryTime. This method uses large-scale productions to immerse the audience in a certain story, using exciting spectacles and tasteful orchestral arrangements to fully convey the heart and meaning of a story.


As a way to reach as many lost souls as possible to deliver the Word, Steve Munsey is a firm believer in Christian TV and media, but they are by no means definitive of him as a pastor. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the heart of his devotion; TV is just a tool to spread that love.