3 Films Every Christian Should See

Since the time of the ancient Greeks, humans have been dramatizing their religious beliefs to serve as a reminder of their purpose on earth and the virtues they should live by. Christianity is no different! Passion plays have been a staple of Western Christianity for centuries, and we’re all familiar with the Holy Nativity scenes come Christmastide. But with the… Read more →

Helping in Haiti

It’s important to always be ready to help others, and take up that call just as Christ would. Though not a sermon, in this video Steve Munsey travels to Haiti and shares several highlights from his trip in the wake of the 2010 earthquake. It is also a demonstration of the importance of spreading awareness to help those in need. Read more →

“Tear off the Roof”

In this video, Pastor shares with us the importance of having the faith to put your well-being in the hands of a rope holder. He alludes to an episode in the gospel account of Mark, in which Jesus heals a paralyzed man. More importantly though, He rewarded the man’s faith with the ultimate gift– the forgiveness of his sins. Read more →